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Leveraging every $10,000 of an organization's funds to raise an additional $200,000.

(Average Since 2013)

JONATHAN WETSTEIN is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University’s Community and Economic Development Graduate Program and carries a long-standing commitment to urban revitalization related projects. His professional experience began in 2005 as a consultant in comprehensive land use planning and design. Over the following 5 years, he was able to develop a planning career that continues allowing himself to best meet a client’s development needs on a variety of scales. Combining his professional planning and graphic design experience with that of his academic careers, Jonathan entered the field of community and economic development as a project manager in 2011. As an independent consultant, he continues working alongside local businesses, governments and non-profits to meet a variety of new economic development goals through community assessments, market analysis, visioning, grant funding and administration.


Support Services in Design + Community Development Include:


  • Urban Design.


  • Presentation of Findings, Visual Aids Including Mapping and Illustrations


  • Plan Formulation, Adoption, and Implementation (Technical Writing and Formatting)


  • Community Organizing, Public Involvement and Building Partnerships


  • Grant Research, Writing and Administration


  • Marketing Services Including Graphic Design, Desktop Publishing, and Campaign Branding


Community Development Services Quick Facts (2011-2021):

  • Leveraged over $1,500,000 to-date, from in-kind support through strategic partnerships.

  • Managed over $300,000 in Tax Credit Funding.

  • Raised over $1.2 Million Dollars from grant writing services.

  • Generated approximately $11,000 in social enterprise revenue.

  • Supervised the design, development and operation of three community facilities.

Philadelphia, PA

Phone: 973.476.6174  


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